Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
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Website: https://www.sonuts.com

Siret: 53539162700010– APE: 6202A – RCS: 535 391 627

1 – Definitions

“eBay store template” means an example on which we base to create a design a site. Template “eBay Store design” provided by Sonuts.com are licensed for single use (given section 5.1). These templates may be additional options selected upstream of the purchase by the customer.

“Ultimate eBay” means the creation of an eBay store by the company Sonuts.com. The delivery includes: the creation and customization of the store, creating the logo, personalized banners and images and installation.

“eBay product page” means the creation of an eBay listing page by the company Sonuts.com. The delivery includes one page. Update products isn’t include in the package.

“eBay starter pack” means the creation of an eBay store by the company Sonuts.com. The delivery includes: the creation and customization of the store with elements provided by the customer, first setup on eBay account.

“ultimate pack Rakuten” means the creation of an Rakuten store by the company Sonuts.com. The delivery includes: the creation and customization of the store with elements provided by the customer, first setup on eBay account.

2 – Price and consistency of the service

Unless otherwise specified in the quote, the price you see on it are valid for one month after its publication. They are firm and not subject to revision in the order if it occurs during this period. The deliverables are those clearly stated in the quote, so corollary benefit all non-listed are not comprises- her and will be an additional free quote.

3 – Payment terms

The payment is made before the beginning project. Each project can not begin upon receipt and cashing of the payment. Payments are made either by credit card or by PayPal.
Customers can access credit facilities by spreading their payment in 3 times without fees from 300 € HT ordered.

4 – Delivery models and papers

Failing stated otherwise, documents and models intermediate work products are delivered:> sent by e-mail in the form of compressed and uncompressed files. > Posted to your attention to an FTP server.

5 – Assigned rights

We remind for information that according to the French Intellectual Property Code (Articles L.121-1 to L.121-9), the creation of a moral right (including rights disclosure, right to respect for the work and the right to withdrawal) is attached to its creator in perpetuity and imprescriptible. In fact, shall be assigned to the client that the property rights explicitly stated on the bill to “Transferred Rights” field, to the exclusion of any other, within any limitations therein also (limited support, territory or duration). These rights may include the right of reproduction, the right to representation, the right of amendment, the right to harvest. It is noted that according to the same French Intellectual Property Code (Art. L. 122-4), any representation or reproduction in whole or in part without the express consent of the author or his successors is illegal and punishable under laws for copyright infringement. It is the same for the translation, adaptation or transformation, arrangement or reproduction by any technique or process whatsoever. The transfer of copyright concerns only use specifically and explicitly provided. Any other use requires a new agreement the company CIBLEWEB.COM SAS.

5.1 – Licenses
When you bought a Template Sonuts, we provide you a personal license. A license is simply the right for use this elements..This license is valid for 12 months for a single model.
A license is attached to a custumer account Sonut.
During 12 months, the customer has unlimited access all updates eBay and sonuts.
He also benefits technical support
This license is unique, the customer can not use this license for another shop. He can not duplicate and resell the model.

6 – Copyrights and commercial endorsements sonuts

Unless explicitly stated otherwise by the client company, CIBLEWEB.COM SAS reserves the right to include in achieving commercial clearly marked with its contribution in the form of a statement of the type “Director : sonuts” matched when the support permitting of a hypertext link to the commercial site of its activity.

7 – Right to advertising

Unless expressly stated otherwise the customer notified by mail with return receipt, CIBLEWEB.COM SAS reserves the right to mention its realization for the client company as a reference as part of its efforts to commercial prospecting, external communications and advertising. The client company, represented by the signing of this order authorizes SoPeach Ltd., through its legal and commercial representatives, to use for purely demonstrative achievement. This authorization extends s specifically to components of the implementation, including the public presentation of the following content without restriction: The textual content, iconographic content.

8 – Ownership of production

The entire production and rights therein remain the sole and exclusive property of CIBLEWEB.COM SAS as invoices issued by CIBLEWEB.COM SAS is not paid in full by the client company, up the total amount of the order and any amendments thereto entered into during delivery. As a corollary, the client company will own due to the production and rights transferred from the final settlement and soldant of all invoices issued by SoPeach SARL under control. Unless otherwise stated, production files and sources remain the property of CIBLEWEB.COM SAS. Only the finished product will be sent to the customer. In the absence of such an indication, and if the customer wishes to have the source document, an amendment to these Terms must be requested.

9 – Liability and property content

The client company, represented by the signing of the order, acknowledges and assumes full responsibility for the choices made in terms of textual content, pictures, appearing in achieving delivered by CIBLEWEB.COM SAS. The client company, represented by the signing of the order, acknowledges warnings set forth in these Terms, laws regarding intellectual property and the penalties that may be incurred in complying. It is clear to the customer that the site structure and ergonomics are from a model declined with all Sonuts clients. This same structure is the inalienable property of Sopeach Ltd., publisher of the website Sonuts and is not transferred to the customer. Graphics to animate visual reinsurance Delivery Sales Contact type Pay Pal or any other element are creations of society CIBLEWEB.COM SAS and are not subject to exclusivity for a client company particular, unless otherwise specified. All texts (presentation, delivery, CGV, CGU, payment etc.) that will be incorporated by Sopeach SARL will be provided by the customer. The Customer undertakes to provide visual and texts he has full copyright and / or exploitation. Sopeach Ltd can not be held responsible for any fraudulent use of a textual or graphical content with a Client.